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Although it's the last thing you want to think about, disasters can strike your wedding day, and wedding insurance will offer you a safety net to deal with it. We have teamed up with John Lewis and Debenhams to offer you the perfect cover for your special day.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a policy that covers you financially if something ruins your big day and it needs to be postponed or even cancelled. Although it's the last thing you want to think about, disasters can strike your wedding day, and wedding insurance will offer you a safety net to deal with it.

For example; imagine two days before your big day the wedding venue goes out of business and you need to find another one. Wedding insurance could cover your deposit allowing you to book another venue. Or imagine that you are getting married abroad and all of your luggage goes missing at the airport including your wedding dress, meaning that you need to buy a new one at short notice. The right policy can help protect against these kinds of scenarios.

How much does it cost?

Wedding insurance can cost a little for basic cover; and as much as $200 or more for comprehensive cover. The amount you spend on your wedding insurance should depend on how much you are spending on your wedding. Total up the individual wedding item costs and then find the correct policy that covers all of the items on your list at the right amounts.

Do I really need wedding insurance?

The simple answer is yes! OK, it's not as exciting as buying the rings or choosing the venue, but the reality is that as soon as you start spending money you are in a vulnerable position. It's worth sorting out your wedding insurance at the start for peace of mind. As soon as you start to pay deposits for the wedding then you should make sure you are covered.

Consider the following. Imagine the entrance to your wedding venue floods due to a burst water pipe. With the right wedding insurance the couple can postpone their wedding and receive almost all of the money back. This would include money spent on floral design, invites, cakes etc. Another example could be that a close family member of the couple falls ill on the day. The correct wedding insurance could help the couple postpone the wedding and recover their costs.

What does wedding insurance not cover?

Wedding insurance doesn't cover cold feet i.e. a change of heart; or usually your engagement ring, and sometimes watches, jewellery and pearls. It's best to check your policy to see what exactly is covered.

Whatever the size or budget of your big day, it’s easy to find the right protection. Simply choose from our six levels of cover and we’ll help make sure your wedding goes to plan.

  • You could be financially protected if a supplier goes bust or fails to turn up - we could reimburse any irrecoverable deposits you've made.
  • Don’t lose out if the prospective wedding or civil partners, close relative or member of the wedding party falls ill, your costs could be reimbursed if it's not due to a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Don't worry about the special details your wedding cake, wedding flowers, wedding transport, wedding rings and wedding attire could all be covered for loss or damage.
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With five policies to choose from, Silver, Gold, Emerald, Platinum and Diamond, you can select an insurance policy for your wedding that suits your available budget. After purchasing a policy, you can then relax knowing that you have covered your special day.

For added protection, we also offer the following optional extras;

  • Wedding Marquee cover
  • Extension of public liability to cover all your wedding party
  • Wedding ceremonial swords cover
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