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Search for Businesses

Easily search for wedding businesses using our intelligent search engine.

You can narrow your search results by budget, distance and service type.

Guest List

Keep track of who's attending you're wedding using our easy to use guest list app.

The app enables you to store and print guest details so you know who'll be there on your special day.

Budget Tracker

Take the worry out of organising your budget by using our free budget tracker app.

How can the app help me?

Our budget tracker app automatically calculates the cost of your wedding based on your budget. Simply add, change or delete items on your list and the app will recalculate the totals to keep you on track for your big day.

To Do List

Todo lists are great for keeping on top of your wedding plans, whether it be booking the registrar or hiring a wedding car.

How can the app help me?

When you first login, our app will automatically add items to your todo list based on your wedding date. This makes it easy for you to see what you need for your special occasion.


There's nothing better than seeing what other people thought of the wedding suppliers you're thinking of using.

Our community have written reviews about wedding suppliers they have personally used, to help you decide which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

News Feed

Find out what's going on in your local area, from wedding events, to the latest deals, on you're constantly updating news feed.

Mail app

Quickly and easily connect with you're potential wedding suppliers through our built-in mail app.

Wedding suppliers will be instantly notified that you've contacted them so they can back get in touch with you as quickly as possible.


  • It's free to sign up
  • Easily find you're perfect wedding suppliers
  • Free Budget Tracker app to keep on top of your finances
  • Free Guest List app to plan who's attending your wedding
  • Free To Do List app to keep on top of you're wedding tasks
  • Monitor your reviews and replies with the My Reviews page
  • Quickly add suppliers to your Favourites so you can view them in detail later
  • View and add detailed reviews on wedding suppliers
  • Your own personalised news feed
  • Access to our mail app to message suppliers directly and easily
  • View the latest wedding deals in your chosen area

Personalised Profile

Take control of your own profile and show the information that matters to you.

Create your own photo gallery, add current deals, add your upcoming events, connect with your customers and so much more.

Add deals

To help you attract thousands of new customers, Rated Wedding gives you the ability to add your latest deals.

Once a deal has been created, it'll appear on your profile and in our news feed, which means your reaching even more potential customers.

News & events

See the latest news and upcoming events in your area.

When a business adds news or an upcoming event, it'll appear in your news feed and on their profile so you can see what's happening in your area.


Reviews help you build a solid reputation, so potential customers know why they should choose you.

Reply to your reviews and build a rapport with your customers.

Detailed analytics

To understand how Rated Wedding is helping your business, we give you the ability to run detailed analytics.

With analytics you'll be able to see the following information:

  • Page views
  • The amount of times you've been shared on social media
  • Your average star rating over a specific period of time and lots of other helpful statistics


Rated Wedding seamlessly connects brides and grooms with businesses they're interested in.

Our simple contact management system makes it easy to keep track of your conversations.

Create your own gallery

Upload your own photos, give them a description and truly showcase what you have to offer.


  • Your own personalised profile
  • View your news feed to see what is happening in your area
  • Receive and reply to reviews
  • Appear in our search results
  • Add news and events
  • View detailed analytics
  • Upload photos to showcase your business
  • Direct customer contact
  • Add deals
  • Your own web address, for example,
  • Link to your website through your profile
Note: Some of the features are only available by upgrading your account