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Heather Morris ties the knot with Taylor Hubbell

28 May 2015

Photo Credit: Amy & Jordan Photography, Photo: © Rex

Glee star Heather Morris has married long term love, and father of her child Taylor Hubbell at the beautiful Topanga Canyon, California.

The actresses wedding took place in the beautiful outdoor space of the Old Canyon Ranch, not far from the couples home in Los Angelese. Celebrity guests included Vanessa Lengies, Naya Rivera, Grant Gustin, Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Hubbell! #thehappyhubbells #aoeventplanning #rustic #topangacanyon #wedding #ceremony

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The 28 year old bride wore a gorgeous floral lace wedding dress featuring a sweetheart neckline and diamante belt; perfectly contrasting the groomsman who wore tan three-piece suits. The couples 19 month old so Elijah matched his Dads attire with a cute white shirt and pale tan suit.

Following the ceremony friends and family enjoyed themselves in a photo booth; followed by the Canadian actress and her new husbands first dance.

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Case Study: Starting out as a wedding writer

5 February 2015

My full title, Katherine Elizabeth Young sounds a bit too far off and distant in the world of weddings – almost as if I’m out of reach and out of touch with what is real and seeing as I want to exude the warmth, care and passion of the down-to-earth girl (woman now, actually – I hate to admit it) that I am, you can call me Kat.

Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding – some since they are too young to fully realise the significance of what will be one of the most important and memorable days of their lives. This is where, with my size 5s, I step in to lend a helping hand, pen and note-pad at the ready.

My place in the wedding world is as a writer of unique and personalised wedding vows, readings and poetry. My aim is to ensure, through close consultation with my clients, that together, (two, three even four heads are better than one) we come up with the perfect words to capture the perfect moment so that it can last a lifetime – beautiful and true.

So, how exactly did I end up starting my own business writing for weddings, I hear you ask! Well, ever since I can remember (and by this, I mean quite literally) I have been in love with words; they are the key to everything. For me, there is no greater satisfaction in knowing that you have found the absolute right word(s) to convey the distinct feelings of a precise moment in time.

This passion of mine sprouted, was nurtured and it blossomed. Through the years, it manifested itself in many different guises: from writing poetry and short fiction to becoming a teacher of English and of young people. When I became a responsible groan up (no, that is not a grammatical error!) and the piles of marking grew, the writing slowed down – almost coming to a halt. Word atrophy was kicking in and my ability to shape the world through words was dying!

One day (in the very recent past) I decided I could not allow this to happen and that I would have to release the pressure of the many thoughts, words and poems swimming around in my brain before it exploded. And that is where my business began.

It is still very much in its infancy but what I love about my job, is that there is a true sense of purpose in what I do. Having spoken with the many brides-to-be (and grooms too) who have become my lovely clients, my work appears to offer a solution to a very common problem: everyone wants their wedding to be unique, beautiful and an occasion where they are empowered to express freely, their love. But not everyone has the words, time or inclination to put something together that transports their guests into their story and their love and encapsulates their special day.

Above being a wizard with words, a good wedding writer is a good listener. Whilst I can create magic on the page, for me, it has to translate precisely the true thoughts and feelings of the client. For me this is a job but for them, it is their day – their one day when they are permitted to shine brighter and they deserve the words to help them capture their moment so that they can live, laugh, love and look back on their day for the rest of their happily ever after.

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A touch of Swarovski for your honeymoon

5 February 2015

So you have everything packed for your honeymoon, your sarong, sunglasses and a great book to read while your listening to music by the pool; but surely you'd like some sparkle to match your new wedding ring while on your honeymoon? That's where BassBuds come in. BassBuds are luxury in-ear headphone with a huge colour range, they're made with real Swarovski elements and they're the perfect luxury accessory for new brides. BassBuds take great pride in researching the latest in high-end sound technology as well as current fashion trends; visualising and continually fusing the relationship between style and sound.

Worn by celebrities such as Rita Ora, Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, Tyson Beckford, JLS and John Newman; BassBuds are the perfect designer accessory whether your chilling by the pool or skiing the slopes. BassBuds are available from Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, House of Fraser and other selected stores. The collections range from £39.95.


Our Brides Reviews

Laura 25 Newcastle - Hi I'm Laura and I'm 25 from Newcastle. I've just got back from my honeymoon to the Maldives and I'm so glad I brought my BassBuds. The sound is amazing, they're stylish, sleek and I love the Swarovski crystal touch. The flight was around 13 hours there each way and I listened to music and watched films with them all the way. I'd recommend them to everybody, from music enthusiasts to casual listeners. They would make great bridesmaid gifts. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review my BassBuds Rated Wedding.

Sarah 28 London - I was given some BassBuds as a gift during my hen party and I haven't put them down since; using them from working out in the gym, to sitting chilling out in the house. I have had several people admire my BassBuds as they really do stand out with the Swarovski crystal. I love them!

Celebrity Reviews

BassBuds reviews have been covered by world renowned artists


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Case Study: Starting out as a wedding blogger

29 January 2015

Bridal photo shoot as featured on

Hi I'm Louise and I am creator of wedding inspiration and advice blog Yorkshire Rose Brides.

It was whilst chatting to a friend some months after my own wedding that I found I still have 'the wedding bug' and have so much information to share. So was born!

For those that aren't familiar with Yorkshire, a white rose is the emblem for the counties coat of arms (I'm glad it's not a gun or something) as roses clearly fit well with wedding theme! While planning our own wedding I could not believe the amount of time and emotional energy involved. I was overwhelmed, possibly because we planned it in nine months, and we were also looking to move house at the time. Everything was pretty stressful.

My husband was great and now I've come out of the other side, when I look at wedding venues, dresses and flowers they make me smile. Yet I couldn't feel the same instant satisfaction in planning our own wedding due to my own pressure and expectation. I was like a rabbit in the headlights!

So my blog is an outlet of creativity and emotions as I re-cap my my wedding planning journey. The posts are also interspersed with bridal style features, up and coming yorkshire wedding fayres, DIY projects and guest contributors. A big part of my blog is featuring real weddings. As well as giving local couples a chance to share their own planning experiences, it's promoting local and national wedding suppliers.

In the coming months I hope to feature wonderful traditional venues as Yorkshire has some of the finest in the world, but a Yurt or a tipee is also right up my street. I am passionate about Yorkshire, although I actually grew up in the North East, I knew I wanted to get married closer to home. We fell in love with a river side hamlet called Burnsall in the stunning North Yorkshire Dales and it was perfect for our special day.

Planning your wedding should be a great experience and I hope to offer advice and inspiration to other brides on the exhilarating journey to becoming a Mrs!

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Why Jamaica is the perfect honeymoon destination in 2015

22 January 2015

If you want to chill out and reflect on your wedding day, a honeymoon in Jamaica is definitely for you. It's arguably one of the most exotic and passionate places in the world.

If you enjoy experimenting with food, you won't go hungry. From authentic jerk chicken to some of the freshest seafood, there's plenty to enjoy. It's also renowned for the rum it produces so make sure to sample some when you're there.

Whenever you hear music, you'll usually see the locals dancing and clapping to the beat. If you like to dance, make sure you check out one of the beach parties and learn some new moves.

Why not start searching for the perfect honeymoon in Jamaica? Start now


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Case Study: Starting out as a wedding planner

13 January 2015

Hello! I'm Claudia and I'm a fully qualified, bespoke Wedding & Event Planner. Just to confuse you... I am originally from Bristol, Italian by blood, and living in the scenic county of Cornwall. I've travelled Thailand and most of Europe, and I love holidaying in remote locations.

Wedding and Event Planning first caught my eye when I finished my travels around Thailand. I returned home and wanted a brand new challenge! I had always loved weddings (and I'm still am head over heels for all the soppy, romantic wedding rom-coms! The Runaway Bride, The Wedding Planner, 27 Dresses, and so on... ). The thought that goes into each wedding is so unique, and the attention to detail can be truly breathtaking. After a lot of research (because that's what a planner does best!) I decided to begin with a course, so I enrolled into the QC International Career School. After working hard to complete each unit with top marks, I finally earned my Diploma in Wedding and Event Planning, and it now sits proudly on the wall of my office (well... spare room)!

Most couples don't realise that the average UK wedding takes roughly 200 hours to plan. That's an awful lot to fit into an already busy life! Most of your time will be spent sourcing, researching, and visiting venues, vendors, and suppliers. The bigger, more obvious, things are usually easier to book - but then there are the intricate details! The colour scheme, the breeds of flowers, the favour bags or boxes, the seating arrangements, floor plans, the linen and glassware, who will style the venue, and who will make sure it looks perfect on the day?? Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. It may come completely naturally to you, but to some it may be laborious and time consuming. This is where a wedding planner is your best friend!

A good planner should be able to make you feel at ease. You should feel confident that they can alleviate all stress of the planning process and/or on the day co-ordination, and be guided to suppliers who are right for you. If you hear the words 'commission based' then look elsewhere - you don't want to be stuck with a photographer who can't capture the perfect moments just because your planner earned a 10% commission!

Don't forget that your opinions should be more than accounted for. A good planner is there to advise and guide you, to steer you away from bad decisions, and to help bring your ideas together.

I believe that your day should be filled with the most perfect final touches and garnished with little bursts of your personalities. Things should run smoothly. At Claudia Montano, Weddings & Events I strive to create a wonderful day that you and your guests will remember for many years to come... after all, it's all in the detail.

If you're interesting in featuring on our blog, just send us an email at

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Spain is the ideal honeymoon destination for 2015

6 January 2015

Spain is romantic, charming and doesn't have to break the bank. It's great for honeymoons on a budget and it's only a two hour flight away.

If you're celebrating your wedding day in the winter months, you might want to check out the Canary Islands. The weather is hot pretty much all year round and the beaches are beautiful.

There are so many unique islands each with their own little character. Spain has some beautiful sites to see and lots of amazing things to do. From dancing the flamenco to eating some traditional Spanish tapas we know you'll just love Spain.

Why not start searching for the perfect honeymoon in Spain? Start now


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A quick guide to your honeymoon in Mexico

18 December 2014

Mexico is a popular honeymoon destination with so much character. There's a bit of everything, from the amazing nightlife in Cancun to surfing in the crystal clear Caribbean waters, there's no shortage of things to do.

The weather is glorious and the sunshine is there all year round. Even if you visit in some of the winter months it's usually always above 20 degrees Celsius.

The locals are so laidback they seem like they don't have a care in the world. Their warm, friendly nature will make you feel at home.

If you do visit Mexico, make sure to check out the Mayan ruins or visit Chichen Itza


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Why Mauritius is the perfect honeymoon destination

9 December 2014

Mauritius is a remarkable island with gorgeous white sand beaches and a stunning coastline. The resorts are luxurious, romantic and newlyweds often get complimentary additions to make their honeymoon extra special.

If you love relaxing and chilling out, a honeymoon in Mauritius is definitely for you. You can forget about everything, bond with your soulmate and completely lose track of the days.

If you get bored easily though, there's plenty of things to do. We'd recommend the following top 5 things to do in Mauritius:

  1. Take a stroll through the historic sugarcane fields
  2. Discover the authentic street food
  3. Hire a car and explore the island
  4. Learn about the culture and talk to the locals
  5. Visit the Mauritian temples

Photo by: amritamanasphotography

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Top 3 Tips To Find Cheap Honeymoon Packages

17 October 2014

After paying for an expensive wedding, it's sometimes hard to find the dream honeymoon you're looking for at an affordable price. Luckily we're here to help. We've searched high and low for the top 3 tips to help you find a cheap honeymoon.

1. Compare honeymoon packages

It's exciting choosing where to go on your honeymoon but it's important to take your time and compare the honeymoon deals available. To help you find the best honeymoon package, we've teamed up with some of the leading honeymoon providers. Thomson, First Choice and Thomas Cook.

You can use our Compare Honeymoon Packages page to compare prices and hotels/resorts. Just choose your destination to begin searching.

2. Go for a cheap, all inclusive honeymoon

When you look at the price of an all inclusive honeymoon, it can be daunting. However, when you compare it to the price you'll usually pay to eat and drink during your stay, you'll realise that you can actually save a huge amount of money. You can relax knowing that the majority of your expenses are already paid for and you don't want to worry about money when your supposed to be reflecting on your big day.

3. Fly on a weekday

If it's possible, fly on a weekday. It can easily cut the cost of your honeymoon. For the best prices it's usually best to fly on a Monday or Tuesday.

That concludes our top 3 tips on making your honeymoon affordable. If you have any suggestions, or think we've missed anything, please let us know by sending us an email at


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High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale's pastel pink and purple wedding

20 September 2014

Young Hollywood star Ashley Tisdale, 29, has married partner Christopher French in a beautiful pastel pink and purple private ceremony. The High School Musical beauty shared snaps of the wedding on her Instagram account; including a message to her fans sharing

"Best day of my life! Introducing Mr and Mrs French Sept 8, 2014 Shot by @corbingurkin"

Ashley Tidsdale Wedding Photos on Instagram
Ashley Tidsdale Wedding Photos on Instagram

According to Hello Magazine Ashley discussed her close relationship with Christopher

"I think I've obviously been in long relationships in the past, but I think because of knowing what I wanted, I wouldn't have gone into a relationship, if it wasn't what I wanted. And I think from the moment that him and I met, I just knew it. I was like, 'OK, this is the guy.' And he knew the same thing. It was just this feeling that it doesn't get any better. I can't explain it! It's just natural between us. With other relationships, you're trying too much and trying to make it work and then there's just a moment when you find somebody and you're like, 'This is so natural.'."

Ashley Tidsdale Wedding Photos on Instagram

The couple married in front of close friends and family, including Ashley's co-star Vanessa Hudgens, who also attended the stars bachelorette party in Miami in May. Ashley wore a John Varvatos white A-line gown with capped sleeves, accompanied by a floral crown atop her long blonde hair.

Ashley Tidsdale Wedding Photos on Instagram

Photos Instagram @ashleytisdale

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Lauren Conrad's beautiful pastel bridal shower

7 September 2014

Fashion designer Lauren Conrad, 28, celebrated her up-coming wedding with fiancé William Tell with a girly bridal shower in her Los Angeles home. Photos below from the former 'The Hills' star's home show beautiful paper napkins, stunning pastel coloured flowers, and dainty vintage china. Lauren continued the theme by wearing a white lace frock and matching headband; whilst friends coordinated with pastel dresses.

The blonde beauty also had some advice for other brides to bes by revealing to Martha Stewart Weddings "I don't mind if there are a few girls in the same dress, or if people are all in different ones," she said. "It's too difficult to take a group of girls and put them in the same colour and silhouette; everyone has their own style."

Lauren Conrad's beautiful pastel bridal shower

Lauren Conrad's beautiful pastel bridal shower

Lauren Conrad's beautiful pastel bridal shower

Photos from Laurens Instagram account

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